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By joining ALAHEDO, you will have access to members only benefits such as professional development resources available through the website and via the members only listserv. Through our extensive network we can help you advance your career and your institution’s pursuit of inclusive excellence in higher education.


The Alabama Association of Higher Education Diversity Officers advise its members on issues, policies, and practices that affect diversity at higher education institutions in Alabama.

The association proposes initiatives to ensure that higher education institutions in Alabama fairly meet the needs of its underrepresented faculty, staff and students. The association reports regularly, directly and through its members, to presidents, provosts and the higher education community on the status of diversity in Alabama.

Education Services

We produce and disseminate empirical evidence through research to inform diversity initiatives.

Development Services

We provide professional development for current and aspiring diversity officers looking for opportunities to lead.

Connection Points

We create networking opportunities that allow members to gain tips on how to locally advance their efforts.


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The Academic offers a number of committees will surely reflect your interests and strengths. Not only does ALAHEDO provide you with tools to help you transition seamlessly into our organization, but we also encourage new members to join a committee to get a more in-depth look at how ALAHEDO works.